Behold the Fearless JRT

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The Jack Russell Terrier has been described as “a 150-pound dog in a 15-pound dog’s body.” And it’s true. Those who love the Jack Russell know that the breed is courageous and bold. How bold? Take a look at some of these Jacks caught in action.

Don’t worry, though! No animals in any of the videos are harmed, or even threatened. It’s all good, clean, dog-approved fun.

Fearless Jack #1: Chloe

Chloe is a Jack Russell terrier who is a friend and playmate of a young cheetah named Kinji. Both animals live at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa. The two love to play together, whether it’s mock battles (claws in) or playing with what looks like a gigantic Cat Dancer toy. Kinji may be literally ten times Chloe’s weight, but its easy to see who’s the boss.

Fearless Jack #2: The Power of Ten

These ten adorable Jack Russell puppies are investigating an enormous robotic spider. They’re a bit cautious at first, but soon that indomitable Jack Russell spirit kicks in, and they have that abominable arachnid on the run!

Fearless Jack #3: What a Crab!

This little girl in Phuket, Thailand, isn’t quite sure what to do about that crab. Her instincts tell her to get it! At the same time, those claws look very…well…pinchy. What’s a good girl to do?

Fearless Jack #4: Here, Piggy Piggy Piggy

Thailand seems to be a great place for a playful Jack — or, in this case, a Jill. This JRT has found five playmates in these baby wild pigs. Watch as the pigs and the pup take turns chasing each other around in the sand, while Mama Pig and the Jack’s pet parents look on.

Fearless Jack #4: These Things Really Bug Me

In this video, a Jack Russell and a somewhat less focussed cat investigate a huge Japanese beetle. Japanese beetles aren’t venomous, and they don’t bite, pinch, or sting. They are, however, the bane of many a gardener. On top of that, I can imagine a lot of people who would scream if one suddenly dropped down their backs. Not so for this indomitable Jack, who, sometimes assisted by his feline pal, is working hard to protect the family from this terrifying pest.

Fearless Jack #5: Lion Around

What is it with Jacks and big cats? Check out this very small Jack Russell as he chases not one, not two, but three baby lions away from the fresh meat. Each of the lions tries to reason with the Jack, but eventually they all slink away to eat…kibble. How embarassing.

Fearless #6: A Pack of Fearless Baby Jacks

These aren’t just Jack Russells, and they’re not just JRT pups. These are miniature Jack Russell puppies. If there’s an opposite to the miniature JRT puppy, it’s a fully-grown, muscle-bound male German Shepherd. But look how gentle and patient this big guy is with these teeny orphaned puppies — even as they run after him, climb all over him, chase his bushy tail, and look for feeding equipment that a male dog definitely does not have. These pups are fearless, and their “godfather,” as the user describes him, is in love.

Fearless Jack #7: The Company You Keep

This is Bullet, the Jack Russell, and his best bud Jag the jaguar. This unlikely pair of friends live at the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa. When Jag came to live at the lodge as a youngster, he was lonely and needed comfort at night. Jag’s handler, Laila, introduced him to Bullet. They hit it off immediately. As Jag grew older, handlers thought it would be best to separate them. But both dog and jaguar were miserable! So now Bullet lives in Jag’s enclosure with him. Laila says that Bullet is “definitely the dominant partner.”

It’s Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight…

If there’s one lesson we can learn from the fearless Jack Russell, it’s that attitude is everything!

Featured Image: CC BY-SA 2.0 by Lee Roberts, via Flickr

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