Best Ways To Dog Proof Your Furniture

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Having a dog is a fun and life-changing experience, but they are also a lot to keep up with, especially energetic pups like JRTs. Furniture can be ruined in the process of bringing up a puppy due to shedding, chewing, and scratching. Here are the best ways to dog proof your furniture, and keep your home looking great!

Use Covers

Furniture covers are sold for chairs, sofas, pillows, beds, and more. If your dog sheds excessively and you want to avoid it getting onto certain furniture, using covers is probably the best way. These can be anything from a slipcover to a throw blanket. Using covers also can protect your furniture from any accidents.

Avoid Wood

If your dog loves to chew up anything they can get their paws on, avoiding wood furniture may be a good idea for you. Wood is irresistible for some pups, and can easily be destroyed. It can also be potentially damaging if ingested by your pup.

Regular Grooming

To cut down on the amount your dog sheds, be sure to find time to groom them on a regular basis, including brushing and bathing. Keeping up with trimming your dogs nails is also a good way to avoid your furniture being scratched.

Get A Dog Bed

Getting a bed that is specifically for your dog is a good way to decrease the amount they are on the furniture. There are tons of options when picking a dog bed, but your pup will thank you!

Close Off A Room

If there are certain things you don’t want your dog around, like breakables, specific furniture, or bedding, closing off a certain room to your dog may be a good idea. Simply keep the door closed at all times (And locked, if your pup knows how to open doors!) and they cannot get to the items you don’t want them to.

Frequent Cleaning

Lint rollers and vacuums quickly become best friend if your pet is prone to shedding. Use these on sofas, chairs, floors, and carpets, and get rid of the most hair you can. For other furniture such as TV stands or tables, use normal cleaning sprays and cloths, and keep up with regular dusting to ensure your home is the best it can be!

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