Bringing Home A New Dog

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Whether it be a puppy or an older dog, bringing a new member into your home is never an easy process. Follow this advice to make it a smooth transition for you and your pup!


Before you bring home your new family member, make sure you have all the necessities to make them as comfortable as possible and so you are prepared for anything! This includes:

  • Crate
  • Water & food bowls
  • Food
  • Treats
  • Toys (chew toys!)
  • Bed/Blanket
  • Leash & collar (ID tags)
  • Gates – way to block off sections of the house
  • Stain/odor remover

Also be sure to find the following for your dog:

  • School or trainer
  • Babysitter
  • Vet

Preparing Your House

To ensure your puppy doesn’t get into anything you don’t want them to, be sure to put everything important away and out of reach! Also be sure to lock up any chemicals, foods, or even certain plants that may be hazardous to your dog. Creating a temporary closed off space using baby gates or other furniture is a good idea, too. This allows them to get comfortable and familiar with their new home.

Other Pets

If you have other pets already, such as another dog or even cats, be sure to make the introduction process slow and don’t rush them into anything too unfamiliar too fast! It is a good idea to get a towel or blanket with the scent of your current pet to let the new dog smell and get used to before they actually meet. Repeat this with your new dog’s scent as well for your current pet. Also, know how your pet reacts to other animals and keep that in mind! If they are easily startled, don’t just throw them in a room together. Make sure they feel safe and comfortable.

Bringing Them To Their New Home

On the day you are bringing them home, be sure to bring a leash and collar. If you plan on crate training them, start right away by putting them in the crate on the way home. Be sure to make it as comfortable as possible with blankets and maybe some toys. If you have a long ride home, make frequent bathroom stops to prevent any accidents! When getting home, let them explore their blocked off area first on their own. Keep things calm and relaxed so you don’t overwhelm them or scare them! Most importantly, show them where they are to go to the bathroom. If it’s outside, be sure to take them out frequently!

Set Up a Routine

Start right away by getting into a routine with your dog. This includes eating and using the bathroom around the same times everyday. They will get used to this pretty quickly. If you plan on training your dog, be sure to start early as well. The earlier you begin, the more likely they are to learn and listen!

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