Can Your Jack See Ghosts?

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Jacks are clever. As far as tested canine intelligence, they’re definitely above average, getting brand-new commands right more than half the time. And as hunting dogs, you know they have keen senses.

They can also be quite barky.

It can be annoying, but have you ever thought your Jack might be trying to tell you something?

Have you ever thought that he, or she, might be seeing something you’re not?

Psychic Pets

You don’t have to go far to find people who believe that dogs and cats have special abilities that people don’t. In a recent survey more than half of respondents said that they believed they have telepathic or other psychic connections with their dogs.

And recent scientific research has shown that dogs and cats really do see things we don’t.


It’s true.

But perhaps not in the way you’re thinking right now.

Seeing The World in Dog-O-Vision

Many animals see in ultraviolet.

What’s that?

Ultraviolet is a part of the light spectrum. The part of the light spectrum that humans see spans a range of color from red to violet. Beyond violet is ultraviolet.

And human eyes can’t see that.

But recent research shows that dogs and cats can.

Why Ultraviolet?

Many insects, rodents, birds, amphibians, and other animals see in ultraviolet. It helps them in different ways. Reindeer, for example, use their UV vision to see polar bears, one of their main predators, which blend into the snow.

So what does that have to do with your Jack?

Well, if your four-legged friend looks like he or she is barking at nothing, maybe it’s not nothing at all.

Maybe he or she is barking at something you just don’t see.

One medium swears that dogs react to spirits much the same way humans do. First, she believes some dogs see them and other dogs don’t — just like people.

She also says, and it stands to reason, that if it’s a playful spirit, you might see your Jack romping and wagging its tail. On the other hand, if the spirit is not so friendly, your Jack may let off some fierce warning barks!

Natural Causes

Of course not all unusual behavior is psychic activity on the part of your pup.

If your Jack is suddenly acting depressed, fearful, or “off,” and it goes on for a while, your next stop should be the vet, not a pet psychic.

It’s also possible that all that barking comes down to a noise outside, a fly, or a bad smell that your human nose has failed to pick up. After all, dogs’ natural senses are impressive enough.

Dogs pick up on a lot of physical cues that you might not expect. They respond to facial expressions, for example. They also sense changes in respiration, pulse, and even smells that the human body produces in response to certain emotions.

If you think your Jack knows what you’re feeling, you’re right! But not because of anything supernatural. It’s because dogs are masters of observation.

On the other hand, once you’ve eliminated the expected, perhaps it’s time to consider the unexpected.

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