Dirty Jacks Seem To Have The MOST Fun!

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Jack Russell Terriers love to get dirty! Even though they are going to need a deep clean, we will let them do anything so they are happy!  Look at these busy and curious JRT’s.

This JRT was digging for moles!

Ohhhh No! His new coat got all dirty!

Not so pearly white anymore!

Just some fun in the mud!

These JRT’s are digging for treasure!

Someone had a little too much fun!

He needed a major scrub!

This JRT is sad he has to leave his favorite digging hole!

He loves the beach, especially building sand castles!

Got his beard a little dirty!

Uh Oh! Clean up time

The look of a very busy JRT!

“I swear there is something down here”

Playing some fetch in the (muddy) water!

Sure is super excited to get back outside!

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