Four FAQs About Dog ID Tags

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Identification tags are small tags that hang on your dogs collar that give a small amount of information about them. They are important for many reasons, but we narrowed it down to the four most frequently asked questions about ID tags for dogs.

Why Should I Get My Dog An ID Tag?


While none of us want to think about it, there is always a chance of your beloved pet getting lost, and unfortunately they can’t communicate like humans can to find their way home! There are also unexpected events that could happen like a fire, accident, or flood. With an ID tag, your JRT will be easily identifiable and if they are found by someone, they know that they have a loving home to go back to and how to contact you.

What Should Be On It?

Your JRT’s ID tag should have enough information that can identify your dog, you, and where your pup came from if they are lost. Essentially it should have your dogs name, your phone number (cell phone is best to ensure you are reachable), and the city you live in. Also, if your JRT is microchipped, you should also attach a tag on their collar that lists the company the microchip came from and phone number. There are also some states that require proof of vaccinations on dog ID tags. Check to see if yours is one, and be sure to comply. Your vet can also help you with this! 

Where Can I Get One?

ID tags for any pet are actually relatively easy to obtain. They are sold at local pet stores, online, sometimes supermarkets or grocery stores, and often in veterinarians offices. They range in price depending on design, size, style, etc.

When Should I Get One?

Ideally, you should get an ID tag for your pet as soon as you get them! If you have a JRT now, but don’t have an ID tag, you should consider getting one as soon as possible. Keep your dog safe in the unlikely event of them getting lost is a huge priority and an ID tag can aid in this, and hopefully put your mind at ease.

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