Fun Snow Day Activities For You And Your Dog

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Some dogs are bred for the snow, while others may not be the biggest fans. JRTs are usually so active that they love just about any weather. In any case, being stuck inside all day due to bad weather can leave you bored, so here are some fun outdoor snow day activities for your and your pup!


Sledding is a fun activity and perfect for those with small kids as well! Have them pull by harness – not by collar, and they can guide your children around in the snow. Your dog should quickly pick up on commands to turn, slow, or stop. Only do this if your dog is comfortable, and also make sure they don’t pull any more weight then they can handle.


If you love to ski and your dog loves to run, this is perfect for you! Similar to cross country skiing, but your dog will run and pull you by harness. Once again, only do this if your dog is comfortable and can handle the weight. Start off easy to build up their knowledge of commands for skiing as well.

Scavenger Hunt

Using the snow as a way to test your dogs sense of smell can be fun and beneficial. Burying a toy or bone under a little bit of snow and then having your dog find it is challenging but if your dog has mastered it indoors this is a good way to push them further!


If you and your dog love being outside, bring your pup to explore a new place in the snow. There are a lot of pet-friendly parks that have designated hiking trails and doing it in the snow is challenging but fun!

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