Funny Face Jacks

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Jack Russell terriers have some of the most expressive faces. And a lot of those faces are downright silly. But what are dogs thinking when they smile or make other facial expressions? Does a doggy grin mean the same thing as a human one?

In 2012, a group of scientists undertook some detailed research into the idea of human and animal consciousness. They concluded that animals actually do have consciousness and emotions. (As if any pet owner couldn’t have told them that.) Moreover, sometimes, when dogs look like they’re smiling — they are.

But smiles aren’t the only expression you’ll see on a dog. In fact, some of their expressions can be quite silly.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

Snug as a Pug in a Rug?

Oh, dear. You seem to have caught me doing my Hair Band impression.

Grin and Bear it

Opal is doing her best, but it’s hard!

That’s the Spot, Spot

Ahhh, yes, right there….

Clap Your Hands If You Believe

Tinkerbell believes…that she would like a bit of that cheese, please.

Yes, They’re Real

Skye is getting rather tired of answering that question.

The World’s Tiniest Canine Vampire

Vants to bite your neck. Or you could just throw the ball.

Can’t Look!

Tell me when the scary part is over!

Can You Do This?

Jenny can touch the end of her nose with her tongue. Can you?

Half a Snarl

Lola is reserving judgment. Only time will tell if the situation deserves the full Jack snarl.

Nothing Like a Good Joke

Jax from Australia is always up for a laugh. No better friend than the one who sincerely laughs at your jokes!

You Scared Me!

Murphy from Chicago is alarmed!

Did I Get It All?

Milo loves a bit of ice cream. Problem is, it loves him, too.

The Nose Knows

Shh. Listen. Did you smell that?

Sneaky Lola

What is she up to, now?

Where’s My Candy Bucket?

Dolly from Italy is ready for Halloween. Now, which of the neighbors is handing out soup bones?

Seamus is Surprised

But look at that sunset!

Li’l Toughie

Maze is really quite fierce. But not too fierce for a belly rub, so get on with it!

The Best Lizard Impression

Frankie saw a lizard lick its own eyeball. Frankie wonders if a dog can do it, too.

Behold, the Many Faces of Poppy

What a character!

Look at Those Pearly Whites!

Someone has been taking very good care of their teeth!

Millie is Shocked. Shocked, I Tell You

It’s hard to take a clever girl like Millie by surprise, but somehow you’ve managed it.

Bonnie’s Selfie

Cheese! So much for the selfie stick. Now, can you throw the actual stick, please?

Your Interviewer

Frankie Jean would like to ask you a few questions for the camera.

A Delicate Question

Pelle from the Netherlands is calculating the amount of pressure a bubble can take versus the average bite strength of a Jack Russell terrier.

So There!

That’s what I think of your ‘bathtime’ and ‘nail clipping’!

Blissed Out

Gus is loving it.

Don’t Worry, You’ll Get It!

If I just keep stepping on that button, eventually I’ll catch that big, wet ball….

Science has shown that dogs have emotional lives, just like us. Can anyone be surprised that they have the facial expressions to match?

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