Hats Off to Doggy Daddies!

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We recently did a two-article special on Doggy Moms, but what about Doggy Daddies? It’s no surprise that men love their Jack Russell Terriers as much as the ladies do. And we have the pictures to prove it!

The Lap of Luxury

This Jack and their Doggy Daddy are living the life on the world’s plushest chair, and a footrest made for a canine king (or queen?)

Enjoying The Day

Dad and doggo enjoying a sunny day.

Super Cooper

Cooper loves his Doggy Daddy, and it looks like the feeling is mutual!

A Tender Moment

No matter how tough you are, there’s always time for a cuddle with your JRT.

A Sporty Family

This athletic family from Italy looks like it’s exactly the right place for a Jack Russell.

Restaurant Helper

Pretty Sophie is helping her Daddy choose something from the menu at this restaurant. Perhaps she’s wondering where the dog menu is!


Billie from Australia sends a cheery G’day to the world, from her and her Doggy Daddy.

Getting A-Head

Finn isn’t the only Jack Russell who likes to sit on his Daddy’s head — but he’s definitely one of the cutest!

Like Daddy, Like Doggy

Is it our imagination, or are these two wearing the same expression?

Everyone Loves a Cuddle

This little Jack knows exactly where the warmest, safest, most comfortable spot in the house is.

Basket Jacks

Nothing like a ride through the sunshine on the front of your dad’s bike!

The Cutest Space Invader

Robbie’s owners say that Robbie has no concept of personal space. Is your Jack a Space Invader?

Cheek to Cheek

This Jack likes to give his daddy a cuddle cheek to cheek.

Beloved Anni

Look how happy she is in Daddy’s arms.

Farmer Jack

Quite a few Doggy Daddies like their Jacks to help out on the farm. This one has their own wagon!

The School Run

This Jack’s job is to help out with the school run.

Another Tractor Helper

Man’s best friend…and best work companion as well! The Jack Russell loves to have a job to do.

Snack Attack!

This Jack and their Daddy both like to take a bite out of an apple from time to time. Do you and your Jack like the same snacks?

Drive Time

Looks like this Daddy and his Jack like to go for a ride. A fast ride by the looks of it!

A Bicycle Built for Two

Scooby has his own bike trailer and, according to his owner, going for a ride is one of their special things they like to do together.

A Nap in the Sunshine

When you’ve had all the fun you can have, there’s nothing better than this.

Smilin’ Jack

Look at that smile! Is there anywhere else a dog would rather be?

Homework Helper

Nothing like a clever Jack to help with the hard stuff.

Shoulder Holder

This Jack likes to be on Daddy’s shoulders — all the better to be where the action is!

A Full Stack of Jacks

Daddy looks like he wants to reach for his specs and computer. But that would mean disturbing his pack. Ah, well. Priorities!

Let’s Hear it for the Dads!

Dog Moms get a lot of press — rightfully! But when it comes to JRT love, there’s plenty to go around, and doggy daddies are there for it!

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