How Often Does My JRT Need A Bath?

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How frequently your pup needs to be bathed is not set in stone – it depends on your dog of course. Here are some facts we found about the bathing JRTs, and how often you should do so!

Once a month… roughly!

The typical JRT only needs a good bath about once a month, but there are a ton of other factors. If your adventurous pup is usually getting dirty outdoors like most JRTs, you may need to do so more often. Bathing them too frequently can lead to dry skin, also, so that is why once a month or so is recommended.

What shampoo should be used?

Find a shampoo that suits your JRTs skin and fur needs. (Asking your vet their opinion on what would work for your dog if you’re stumped is always a good idea!) JRTs don’t shed often because of their rough coats, so a gentle shampoo works well. If you find you are bathing your dog more frequently due to them getting dirty, using a dry shampoo is a good idea because it is faster and requires less work.

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