How To Make Bath Time More Fun For Your Dog

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If your dog can’t stand bath time, it only makes it that more difficult for you! Here are some helpful tips on how to make bath time better for you and your pup.

Before The Bath

Brushing your dog before the bath is always a good idea to get out any matting or excess hair. Also be sure to stock up on everything you need including shampoo and plenty of towels. You can use steel wool to block your drain. It will trap it and prevent it from getting clogged.


After preparing for the bath, it’s time to bring your dog in. Be sure to remain calm with your dog, if they already don’t like the bath you don’t want to make them more upset with a raised voice. Once they’re in, make sure to clean your pup thoroughly.

Drying Your Pup

To avoid your dog shaking and soaking you, when they get out drape a towel over them and start drying their face and then legs. With the towel over them they can’t shake as much and then you can use it to dry their body. Also, avoid letting your dog outside until after they are almost completely dry, so they don’t get themselves dirty right away!

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