How To Make Toys Last Longer For Your Destructive Dog

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You may be tired of constantly buying new toys for your JRTs because of how destructive they can be. Stop throwing away money and follow these tips on how to make your pups toys last longer!

Do Your Research

Some toys might “claim” to be resistant to the most destructive pups and even unbreakable. If you have a JRT, you know this isn’t always true. Doing some research and searching for different reviews, prices, and recommendations for toys is always a good idea to be sure you are getting the most out of your money, and your pup gets a toy they love!

Limit Time With Toys

Giving your dog limited time with their toys and supervising them during that time is a good way to prevent things from getting destroyed. Usually when dogs are left alone is when they get into the most trouble! Also, rotating their toys, or only giving them a few at a time and changing them out on a regular basis, is a good way to prevent your dog from getting bored and destructive!

DIY Toys

Rather than spending money on toys that you know might get destroyed, use items you have at home to make your own toys. You can find DIY toys online, in dog magazines, in local pet stores, and more. You may even be able to make a toy that can handle your tough pup!

More Interactive Play Time

A big reason for trouble and destruction from your pup is because of boredom. Increase the time you spend interacting and playing one-on-one with your pup to keep them entertained and also wear them out more. They are less likely to destroy something if they’re too worn out to do so!

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