How To Properly Care For Your JRTs Fur & Skin

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Along with regular bathing, it is important to take care of your JRTs fur and skin as well! Here are a few helpful tips on how to manage it and keep your pup happy!

Smooth Coat

Whether your JRTs fur is smooth or rough, they will shed as all dogs do. For a Jack Russell with a smooth coat, a bristle brush is a great tool to remove some of the excess fur and reduce the amount of shedding!

Rough Coat

JRTs with rough coats need a little more care than those with smooth coats. A stripping comb is a handy tool you’ll want to keep around to get through their fur and remove excess! You should only have to brush them about once a week.


Any skin irritation your JRT may have could be a result of flea bites, dry skin, or allergies to food, pollen, dust, etc. You should take your pup to the vet if they show signs including scratching, biting, chewing. If your pup just has dry skin, try a new shampoo for their bath routine!

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