These Jacks Think They’re Humans!

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Our dogs are our family members, and a lot of us talk to them as if they’re people, too. Did you ever think sometimes that our dogs think of themselves as humans? Here are a pack of Jacks who seem to be doing their best. Or maybe they’re just making fun of us!

Titan, the Camper’s Helper

Titan loves to go camping, and will help you put up the tent. Titan will even hold one side for you while you put the other into place.

Rugby Dog!

This little one is ready to get off the hammock and play some rugger!

You Go Get It!

Paddy thinks that this time you should go get the ball, while they wait in the comfy chair.

Keep Calm and Doggy On

Suzie’s owner says that Suzie likes a nice cuppa, just like anyone else. It’s OK, Suzie, I’ll get myself another.

The Jack Squad

Don’t worry. Tech support is here, and will have that mouse problem licked quicker than you can say Jack Russell Robinson.


Smalls likes to help with the laundry. Smalls isn’t so great with the folding part, but they’re amazing with the pressing part.

A Dip With the Dishes

Ralph from Derbyshire wants to help with the dishes — and take a swim while he’s at it!

An Excellent Driver

Gile from Lithuania is a fully qualified quad driver. This is Gile’s quad, but you can ride on the back if you think you can hold on tight.

A Hungry Customer

Waiter! Where’s my lunch? I’ll have a steak and chips, and a bowl of water on the side!

The Card Sharp

This Jack wants you to pick a card. Any card. They promise they’re not counting…out loud. Think a Jack Russell could beat you at Skip-Bo? You might be surprised! Best to play for honor rather than money.

Da Bears

Chicago fans come in all shapes, sizes, and species. Go Bears!

Snack Break!

This Jack is getting a snack. You want anything while they’re in there?

H and R Dog At Your Service

Blaze is a whiz with paperwork, and will have your taxes sorted in two shakes. Lucky for you, Blaze works for kibble.

Roll ‘Em!

Tai from Israel likes to sit in the director’s chair. Are you ready for your closeup?

The Ring Bearer

Dapper Tom was an actual member of the wedding party. That wedding really went to the dogs — in all the best ways!

An Eager Helper

Libby will help you put those tennis balls away. Where? Er…nowhere…nowhere…just…away.

Farmer Jack

The Jack Russell Terrier is a working dog, and this one has a job driving a tractor.

Taking th High Road

Miss Addy doesn’t care to drive this time. She’ll navigate instead.

Kibble and Chill

Some dogs, like some people, just want to chill with a bandana and a brewski.

Trim the Sails

This expert sailing Jack will keep watch over the starboard bow-wow-wow.

Ready for a Road Trip

Max is a serious motorcycle dude, with matching protective sunglasses and a motorcycle-mounted carrier.

Pup-peroni and Cheese, Please!

Finally, what’s more human than enjoying a pizza now and then? Hot dog!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our best canine friends aren’t human. And sometimes they seem to forget it too!

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