If JRT Could Talk, This Is What They Would Say.

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Could you even imagine what it would be like if Jack Russell Terriers could talk? If talking was reflective of their personalities, we would probably hear them speaking all of the time. Probably saying things like these adorable JRT’s.

“You are NOT taking this bone away from me!”

“Can I please come with you?”

“Scratch a little to the left, please.”

“What? You got up, this is my seat now!”

“A squirrel perhaps? maybe a rabbit? or FOOD!! “

“Did you just say WALK?”

“If I make this face, will you give me what I want?”

“We are best friends. Don’t even try to come between us.”

“Get this thing off of me!!! I look silly.”

“All I need is this soft blanket and my cozy spot.”

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