Jack’s Of All Breeds

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We asked and you answered! These JRT parents got DNA testing done on their pups to find out just what mix their fur-babies are, and we picked 8 of our favorites…


“We were told that Maya was a terrier mix (likely JRT) when we adopted her. We decided to get her DNA done and it tuns our she is 50% Australian Cattle Dog and has 12.5% Parson Russel Terrier. She also has some miniature schnauzer!”


“When we adopted Bear and they told us he was a terrier/spaniel mix. So again we sent off the DNA and it turns out he is 50% chihuahua and the other half is border collie, Australian Cattle Dog, chow chow and Bassett hound!”


“She is 1/2 JRT, 1/4 Papillion, 1/4 Westie. And 100% amazing!”


“We rescued Toby and were told he was a Parson Terrier. Had him tested and he’s a mix of Greyhound and Whippet too!”

Baby Boy

“We were told the puppy I got was a Yorkie-Poo.. His mother was a white Poodle. So a DNA was done… Fathers side JRT, Fox Terrier, Chihuahua, Chinese Crescent, & Maltese. My boy is a Jack of all breeds!”


“Lexi is mixed terrier, our vet thinks she is a CoJack due to her short legs and face markings.”


“Got Willow DNA tested. She is mostly American Bulldog and Bull Terrier mix, but one of her grandparents was a Pitbull/Jack Russell mix! So now we know where Willow gets her ticking from.”


“Our Buddy is JRT and Westie mix… bad part is he got the dry skin of a Westie so he itches a lot.!”

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