JRT’s By Their Christmas Trees

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There are so many things that can make you get into the Holiday spirit. It could be hot chocolate, Christmas presents, or even the the lights outside of people’s houses. But for these JRT’s, the thing that gets them excited for Christmas are Christmas trees! Our fury friends love the lights and ornaments on the trees, so much that some may even try knocking them off of the tree to play with! But some even enjoy just sleeping under the tree, and love being surrounded by the holiday joy that Christmas trees provide! 

So enjoy these JRT’s by their Christmas trees, and let them help you get into the Holiday spirit!

Dexter loves his Christmas sweater and his tree!

Because what’s a Christmas tree without presents?

Miss Indy getting into the Holiday spirit with her adorable outfit in front of the tree!

Nakita loves posing for pictures in front of the tree, and we love it too!

“Okay you have the picture, can I have my treat now?”

Colorful Christmas trees make everything better!

MolliMae loves to snuggle on her couch right by the tree!

Sleeping under the tree has got to be the comfiest place to be!

“Happy Holidays from me to you!”

Eli, the Christmas tree guard!

Rosie is in complete awe of her lovely Christmas tree!

Jack loves his puppy Christmas tree!

Red, white and Zoe!

Basil looks so lovely in front of her gorgeous tree!

“I am the only present you need this year!”

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