JRT’s Having Fun On The Beach

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What do you get when you cross water, sand and JRT’s?  The perfect mix for having FUN.  Take a look at these great pics of Jacks on the beach.  Some of them are there for their first time!



Freddy’s first trip to the beach.  10 weeks.


“Ok, now what do I do?”


“Last one down……”


19 years old and still loves the beach.


Bino on an adventure.


Love on the rocks…..


Max enjoying all of the “sniffs.”


“Throw the ball, please.”


Pip enjoying the view.


“Nothing better than the wind in my fur.”


“I always like a nice, shady spot on the sand.”


“I find the sand to be good for my fur.” – Raggs


“Just taking a rest until I run like crazy again.” – Milo


Kobi waiting to launch the raft.


Jumping for JOY!

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