JRT’s Who Think They Can Drive

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There are many ways to get from place to place. There are planes and trains, and even bikes. But one of the most popular ways that we see people using everyday are cars. And I think we can all appreciate cars and their handiness. But we aren’t the only ones who love cars, apparently our furry JRT friends do too!

Do you need proof? Well here ya go! Enjoy and comment adorable pictures of your little babies as well!



Braiser enjoying being in the front seat for a change!


“Nope, I’m driving. Move to the back!”


“Do not judge my driving. It’s fine! I’m going the speed limit!”


“I don’t mind driving! Hop on in!”


“Wait, did I miss our turn?!”


Mouse is one of the cutest drivers ever!


“I need my coffee before we start on our way!”


“Is it 10 and 2? Or 9 and 3?”


Odin enjoying the road!


“Leave me alone, I’m trying to concentrate!”


“I’m trying to stay awake, I really am!”


“Wait you’re actually letting me drive?!”


“Let me sit in the sun for a minute”


Benji having fun by taking shotgun!


“Don’t worry, I’m a good driver!”



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