JRT’s With Their Paws Up, Is Just Too Cute For Words

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These sleepy JRT’s find the comfiest way to sleep and it is on their backs with their paws in the air!

Max finds his favorite spot on the couch to nap!

Today must of been ruff for this JRT!

Whatever makes you comfortable!

Hank loves his belly rubbed to fall asleep!

“Please a little bit longer”

Megs is from Australia and needs to rest from the heat.

This JRT is sound asleep!

Cozied up with some blankets!

Soaking in all the heat during his nap!

This JRT even has his buddy sleeping just like him!

He is waiting for his goodnight kiss!

This JRT was definitely ready for picture to be taken..even has a smirk!

Gator is just a puppy and sleeps on his back every time

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