No Doubt, JRT’s Are Family Dogs

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What many of us can forget sometimes is that our dogs are part of the family. They play, eat and sleep just like any other family member, and it is super important that we never forget that, and to always treat them like family. So here are a few photos that show our JRT friends really being part of a family! It made our hearts so happy, and we hope it does the same for you!


Maggie with her mom doing what most families do this time of year, going to get a Christmas picture with Santa!


All this pup wanted was some cuddle time with her dad!


This pup always has to join in on her dad’s selfies!


Sibling sleepovers!


Dexter loves climbing trees with his sister!


After a long day, Mickey loves joining his dad for a nap on the couch!


Families who walk together stay together!


Walks with your sister can be the most therapeutic.


Whenson loves boat rides with mom!


Buddy helping out with family chores!


Henry loves his quality time with dad!


Poppy may just have the best dad ever!


Whoever said siblings don’t get along?


Time for a mother-daughter walk and this pup is too anxious!


This pup is on baby watch duty! Such a sweet member of the family!



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