Pros & Cons Of Dogs In The Work Place

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Some work places allow you to bring your pet to work. If you’re lucky you might get to work at one of those companies! Here are some facts, pros, and cons about having a dog at your place of employment.

The Facts

Dogs in the work place is coming more and more popular today. Mostly due to the millennial generation, companies are allowing pets for a variety of reasons, but it can mostly be a positive thing for everyone! About 68 percent of households in the U.S. own a pet, and 60.2 million of those pets are dogs. Companies that have integrated dogs into the work place include: Ben & Jerry’s, Google, Amazon, Bissell, and more. 


  • Stress reliever – studies have showed that having dogs around in the workplace causes lower hormonal stress levels 
  • Attracts more potential employees – puppies in the work place can be seen as a benefit to an employee 
  • Decrease employee turnover – since an employee may consider having dogs in the office as a benefit, they may be less inclined to leave 
  • Improves morale – if things get stressful at work, having a dog around may lighten the mood and keep us happier
  • Not having to find pet care – if you are able to take your


  • Coworkers with allergies – if one or more of your coworkers have an allergy to dogs, they may not be happy with having a dog around the office
  • Coworkers with fears/phobias – some people fear dogs and may be uncomfortable with one in the office
  • Distraction – dogs have a tendency to make a lot of noise sometimes, which can be distracting when trying to get work done
  • Taking them out – if you are busy at work and running to meetings, you may not have time to take your dog out for activity and for time to go to the bathroom
  • Legal/insurance issues – potential for dog bites could cause lawsuit issues, it is suggested to talk to a lawyer if you own a business and are considering allowing dogs

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