Shorty Jacks: Long on Personality

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The name Jack Russell Terrier covers a wide variety of different looking dogs. Line them all up, and you might wonder if they really are just one breed. Between wire-haired Jacks, smooth-coated Jacks, tall ones and shorties — not to mention all the different color combinations, the JRT really is a whole lot of dog — or dogs.

When a lot of people think of a Jack Russell, they think of a dog that’s longer than it is tall. This is the Shorty Jack. Also called Irish Jack or puddin’ Jack, these little powerhouses pack all of the energy and personality of their larger counterparts into a frame that stands just 10 to 12 inches high.

But don’t let their small size fool you! Shorty Jacks are long on fun and long on personality, too.

The Three Amigos

Three shorties equals three times the fun!

Carpathian Ranger

Milo, a shorty from Ukraine likes his home on the range.

Jack Seat Driver

To the dog park, Jeeves, then stop by Starbarks for a Puppuccino.

Tricolor Shorty

Macy has unique coloring, but a Jack through and through.

Queen Anne Legs

Shorty legs with feet that point outward are sometimes described as Queen Anne legs, after the furniture style.

Elder Shorty

Nestor is 13, but is still filled with love!

Toto’s Neighbor

Pip is from Kansas. I wonder if Pip has met Dorothy?

Your French Chauffeur

Charly, from France, is ready to take you to the airport…via the dog park.

A World Traveler

Kobi, originally from Poland, lives in Switzerland now.

Three Shorties For the Price of One

Meet Izzy, Max, and Bramble!

A Water Baby

Like a lot of JRTs, Jack loves a good romp in the waves.

Dutch Treat

Bella from Holland also loves the water. But perhaps from a distance.

A Country Ramble

Lexi’s short legs don’t slow her down. Rather, they get her closer to all those great outdoor smells.

Another Country Lover

Rocky is a handsome, wire-haired, shorty gent.

Those ears!

Skip from Germany is listening.

Ready for the Weather

These two smooth-coated shorties are ready for whatever the weather may throw at them!

Four on the Floor

Why have just one shorty when you can have three? And why have just three when you can have four?

Polish Thunder

Thunder from Poland looks ready to conquer the city…from the couch.

Pretty Girl

Check out lovely Molly. She’s ready to play with you!

Escape Artist

Izzy is already planning an escape. And those short legs are only going to help!

Long on Love, Energy and Playfulness

We love our shorty Jacks!

Featured Image CC0 by Pille Kirsi, via Pexels

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