Should You Take Your Dog To The Dog Park?

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Many dogs need a lot of exercise and there is no better place than a dog park, right?

As much as some dogs love to jump around at the dog park, others may not enjoy being there. When going to the dog park you should check the schedules to see when people come and can form a pattern with your pup to go the same time every week! They will begin to know these dogs and get along easier with them. Always keep a close eye on your dog just incase any concerns arise.

Dogs’s need plenty of exercise, including playtime, but that has to be enjoyable for everyone. If you think something inappropriate is taking place such as, too much rough play, dogs are becoming aggressive, or even if your dog is not enjoying the park you should immediately leave. Your dog just might want to have play time with you since you are best friends.

At a dog park, most dogs are taken off a leash since it is a fenced in area. These dogs have control over themselves and can do whatever they want. Therefore it is important that you know the difference between polite interactions and signs of trouble. Normally play happens in short time period and if it doesn’t you should interrupt the dogs and have them take a break before letting them continue. When introducing dogs at first, you should keep the leash on them and force them to approach each other head on.

Dogs at a dog park are at high risk for arousal that could quickly turn aggressive. When many dogs are together in one place with humans encouraging them to play the whole time they are at the park, there is no chance for them to calm down. Chemicals are released into a dog’s bloodstream that were used for their survival, but now just to get them wired up. Once they are wired up, most of them have a hard time staying calm around other dogs.

Some dogs were never taught polite dog interaction. They don’t know when another dog is giving them a warning to back off. When dogs are bullied or afraid of other dogs, they will hide behind their owners and move away from other dogs. They will show as many signs as they can to show they do not want to be there. You cannot force your dog to want to play with other dogs, especially in a packed place with other dogs.

If a dog is scared, bitten, or in a fight that occurs at a dog park their behavior might be affected after that. Just one bad experience can affect the dog long-term. If a dog is uncomfortable in a dog park you can arrange smaller gatherings that the dogs can get used to. If the main goal is exercise, there are plenty other options than taking them to a dog park if they are uncomfortable. They can use toys to get their exercise such as throwing a ball.

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