Step By Step Ways To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking

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Are you getting tired of your dog barking all of the time for no reason? Here are some ways that can help limit or even stop their unnecessary barking.

1. Get your dog to bark.

Get someone to make some noises so your dog starts to bark. Let him bark just a few times and put a tasty smelling treat in front of his nose!

2. Reward him when he stops barking.

When they stop barking to sniff the treat, praise them and proceed to give them the treat.

3. Link the behavior to a cue word.

After repeating the process a few times, you should introduce a cue word like “speak”. Create the noise and say speak at the same time.

4. Reward him again for exhibiting the desired behavior.

You should constantly praise the dog while giving them a treat for doing what you want them to do.

5. When your dog is barking on cue it is time to teach a cue to stop barking.

They should learn that it is fine to bark until they are told to stop. Use a cue word like “quiet” while holding a treat in front of their nose. Dogs will normally stop barking at the smell of a treat.

6. Praise your dog during their quiet time.

Once the dog stop barking because the smell of the treat, reward theme immediately and praise them. Keep doing this continuously until you want to repeat the process and say the speak command. If they make a mistake and barks when they shouldn’t, reprimand them immediately. You should then do something that will get their attention immediately such as clapping. When they stop barking, reward them immediately.

7. Focus on specific problem areas.

If your dog is barking and stopping barking on cue but misbehaving in another are then you should just focus on that situation. If they are barking in their crate or behind something then they are trying to get your attention. You should go to the crate and turn you back to them.

8. Reward him (again) when he stops barking.

As soon as they get done barking you should praise them and give them a treat. They will shortly realize they are being rewarded for being quiet. As they get better at listening to your commands, you should wait longer to reward them.

9. Dogs who are afraid of other dogs will bark at them.

Dogs will bark out of anxiety or fear. If it caused by other dogs they need to be socialized with them.

10. Get a friend to help you with the training.

Get your friend to walk their dog past you. As they come into sight you should give your dog treats. Keep giving them treats until your friends dog is out of sight.

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