Super Cute Wire Haired, Broken and Rough Coated Jack Russell Terriers

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Jack Russell Terrier Coat types can be divided into three different categories: smooth, broken, and rough. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to distinguish what category a terrier falls into.  Here are some of the favorites picked by our viewers of broken and rough coats.


“Alfie is having a good hair day.”


Little Penny enjoying the scenery and beautiful grass.


Racket can’t hear very well but has a heart of gold!


“Hello Everybody!  My name is Trudy and I am a rescue.”


Milo’s wirey hair itches his owner’s face and heart.


Double the cuteness.


“I got caught in the rain!”- Max


“I love the beach” – Winnie


“This is my favorite toy.” – Jess

“I love going for car rides!” – Bonnie


Two JRT’s are better than one!


A close up of Cliff.


This is the face of a “Monster.”


“Am I as cute as these pillows?”


Kramer has on his favorite vest.


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