The Benefits Of Sharing A Bed With Your Pup

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According to an American Kennel Club survey, 45% of dog owners let their dog sleep in their bed, but the others say they use crates or dog beds. So what are the benefits of snuggling with your furry friend during the night? Here are the most compelling ones we found!

Sense Of Security

We tend to think of our dogs as our protectors, and having them in your bed at night can give you more of a sense of security. They will most likely to be the first one to notice a disturbance and will alert you of trouble, which can put your mind more at ease during the night. Dogs are also great company for people who aren’t used to sleeping alone.

Bonding Experience

If you have just gotten your dog or simply want to create a better bond with them, letting them sleep in your bed can do this! Sleeping is both you and your dogs most vulnerable state, and just like sleeping with a partner it can bring you closer.

Stress/Anxiety Reduction

For those who suffer with mental health issues like anxiety, insomnia, or depression, having a pet sleep with you can be a way to reduce your symptoms at night. Dogs have a natural calming effect on people, and just having them around can make you feel better when you’re upset.

The Snuggles (Obviously!)

Who doesn’t love any excuse to snuggle with their dog? Dogs are naturally warm, so having them around at night can keep you cozy and make sleeping more comfortable. Your pup will surely get a great sleep, too!

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