The Cutest “Frosty Faced” Senior JRT You’ve Ever Seen

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Given proper care, life expectancy for Jack Russell Terriers averages about 15 years, possibly even longer.  Even after many years, some of them still act like they did when they were puppies.  They are energetic and ready for anything!  Here are our top rated Seniors or as we like to call them “Frosty Faces”.




Just chilling on a Sunday afternoon.


“I’m 16 and still love my baths.”


“Naps are very important to me!”


“I’m 18 and still full of energy!”


“Just because I’m laying down doesn’t mean I don’t want to play!”


“I’m 17 years old and I survived Hurricane Katrina.”


“Jelly Bean is my name and being silly is my game.”


“They say a little ‘snow on top’ is a sign of wisdom!”


“My face is getting frostier with every year…..and I find the ladies like it.”


“Not just any JRT can look this good at 18.”


“Hanging outside with my owner keeps me young!”


“Just say the word “ball” and I’m there!”


“15 years young and still enjoying life”


“Even after 15 years, the word ‘treat’ will get me off this couch.”


“Age 14 and I am just starting to warm up!  Look out!”


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