The Funky Foods You Didn’t Know JRTs Loved

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Check out the obscure foods that these JRTs love! What foods do your JRTs love??

“Miss Cheeky loves her smoked oysters.”

“Bonnie loves ice cream.”

“My JRT loves popcorn! He’s in my face until I give him some!”

“Peanut butter and apples. Snap peas. All favorite’s in our house.”

“My jack loves flounder. This is my first dog that loves fish. It makes his coat nice and shiny.”

“Liver treats and cooked chicken especially the skin.”

“Penny loves both pumpkin and carrots.”

“Bettie loves cucumber and carrots … we can wake her up for it .. she loves the cracking sound of the carrot.”

“My girl Miss Ruff loves fried chicken livers.”

“Salmon, peanut butter and bacon…not all at once!”

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