The Markings & Features We Love Those Most On Our JRTs

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We asked what your favorite marking or certain feature was of your JRT… and heres what you said! Check out these 12 adorable pups.

“I love his black “saddle” and his spotty tummy!”

“Love my girls ears. One up, one down!”

“Do I need to say more? I love everything about him, eyes, ears, nose, feet, markings, etc!”

“Love her beauty spot on the white side of her face. Named her Liz after Liz Taylor.”

“Her sweet loving eyes!”

“Lola’s cute little beauty mark & graying hair!”

“Her big sparkly eyes and perfect little nose! And all the scruff!”

“The precious little legs. And the way their back legs look when they sit or lay. And their slight sun burn next to the freckles!”

“My girl Jess and her panda eyes!”

“Her precious polka dotted ear!”

“Lilly and her lily pads!”

“All white except a tiny bit on her tail!”

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