The Story Of Molly

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Recently, we received a heartwarming JRT story that we wanted to share. Meet Molly…

“I purchased Molly from a local breeder three years ago. I was looking for a companion after I lost my horse Zeus to a tragic accident. I loved that horse like he was family and enjoyed training him, feeling grounded with the one on one time. I mourned his loss and found myself in a depressive state and longed for the unconditional love that we reciprocated. 

It was my wife’s suggestion to perhaps get a dog, we are a dog loving family but I hadn’t had a dog of my own since I was a teenager. As it turned out, a horse breeder we knew also bred JRT’s and she posted some pics of a new litter that was soon to be available. As soon as I saw Molly, I immediately feel in love. 

I repurposed my positive reinforcement horse training techniques that I learned to my new canine friend. I was surprised just how easy it was to reach Molly, I know my skills are not that proficient so she’s a very smart Jack Russell indeed. She’s truly my best friend and she follows my everywhere. Put simply, my Molly helped pulled me out of some of my darkest days. I absolutely love her to pieces. She’s a very special JRT, I’d love to share her antics with the rest of the world.”

Thank you to Ray for the story. Follow more of Molly’s story on Instagram: @molly_grub

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