Tips For Keeping Your Dog Out Of The Trash Can

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Have you ever come home to trash everywhere with a trail leading right to your pup? Dogs destroy and try to eat trash for a number of reasons like boredom, hunger, or simply because they couldn’t resist a smell. Use these tips to keep your dog out of the trash!

Keep Them Busy

Often times your dog can be destructive when they are bored or lonely. Separation anxiety can also be common in dogs, in which case your dog is likely acting out because they miss you. Keep them busy while you’re gone with toys or stimulating games they can do alone. Also be sure they get plenty of exercise so they are more tired.

Hide Your Trash Can

It may seem simple, but keeping your trash can in a closet, garage, or somewhere your pup cannot reach or get into is an easy fix to keep them out of the trash!

Keep Them Fed

Hunger is another main cause as to why pups dig into the trash. If you leave them alone for extended periods of time, make sure they have plenty of food and water available. Sometimes they will try to get into the trash simply because they smell something irresistible, so be sure to change your trash bag regularly as well!

Buy A New Trash Can/Tools

There are various different kinds of trash cans you can buy that have locking lids, even when or if they are knocked over. There are also trash can tools you can use that keep your pups out. These can be anything from baby-proofing locks or ones that are specifically made to keep dogs out.

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