Tips For Responsible Pet Owners Month (February 2019)

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February is named Responsible Pet Owners Month, which strives to follow the motto, “Owning a dog is not just a privilege – it’s a responsibility.” So how can you honor the meaning of this month and make sure you’re being the best pet parent you can be? Here are some of the basics.


Spaying/neutering your pets is one of the most responsible things you can do for them. It not only helps with the companion overpopulation issue, but it has also been proven that pets who are spayed/neutered live longer lives and have less behavioral issues.

Regular Vet Visits

Regular vet visits and proper vaccinations are also very important when it comes to being a responsible pet owner. Your visits should be annual, and of course take your pup to the vet if they have any problems out of the ordinary that you are concerned about.

ID Tags

Having an ID tag for your pet is always a good idea incase they wander out of your sight. You are ensuring that they have a way to get back home if this were to happen, which should put your mind at ease, too!


For your pups safety, you should keep all chemicals or foods that may be harmful to them out of their reach. You should also educate yourself in things like the kind of house plants that are poisonous to dogs, & making sure certain cleaning products are okay for them to be around.

Feed Them Right

You should be feeding your pup something that is giving them plenty of nutrients and not over feeding them. Asking your vet what the best kind of food is for your dog and get some recommendations.

Love Them Unconditionally!

There are obviously a lot more things that go hand in hand with being a responsible pet owner, like getting them plenty of exercise, making sure they’re happy and healthy, and of course giving them your unconditional love! Pups love us with no limits so being the best owner you can be is your way of telling them you love them that much, too!

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