Tips For Trimming Your Dogs Nails

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Trimming your dogs nails is never fun, but with the help of these tips your dog should be looking fresh in no time!

What You Need

  • Clippers – there are various kinds of dog clippers, check with your vet or an expert to see what they recommend for your dog
  • Treats – entice them to stay and make it a reward for them to have it done
  • A cloth – incase of any bleeding if you cut too far


Always test the clippers before you use them on your dog! You want to make sure they are safe for your pet. To dogs, clippers can be scary especially if they are new to them. Get them used to the sounds they make by bringing them around the dog before you use them. Also, be sure to give them treats at that time too, this way they know they will get a reward when the clippers are out!


If you are not yet comfortable cutting your dogs nails on your own, you can always see a vet or other professional and they will teach you until you feel okay doing so on your own!

The nail should be cut from underneath, the opposite of the way humans cut their nails! The pink area of the nail, called the live, has many blood vessels and it will bleed if you cut into it. Make a swift, quick motion and cut. You can file down the rest of the nail, or let it go and wear down on its okay, either way is okay for your dog!

Cut Too Short

If you cut too short, don’t panic! Bleeding should typically only last a few minutes, and of course if it is any longer you should seek a vet’s help immediately. Hold the cut with a clean cloth, you can even put a clotting powder on it to get it to stop, and it will heal relatively quickly!

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