Tips To Stop Your JRT From Digging

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Jack Russell Terriers were bread to be hunters, and for this reason they will stop at almost nothing when their mind is set on a hunt. This hunting instinct often leads to digging, and sometimes the prey is your yard! Follow these tips to stop your JRT from digging.

Don’t Leave Them Alone

Your JRTs habit of digging won’t stop overnight, but with time and patience it can be resolved. The first step is simple – don’t leave them alone when they are outside! Being supervised, they are much less likely to get into trouble.

More Exercise

If your JRT is excessively digging, it may also be due to pent up energy or boredom. Take your dog for long walks or runs, be sure to play lots of games with them, and have interactive toys that keep them occupied mentally and physically.

Somewhere Safe To Dig

Sometimes the instinct to dig in a JRT is too strong and cannot be stopped. If this is the case, simply offer them somewhere that is okay to dig like a sandbox or patch of dirt just for them. Be sure to clearly mark the perimeter of that area and make it different soil or dirt than your yard so they can learn the difference. Encourage them to dig there and they should stop digging up your yard!

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