Top 10 Dog Breeds For Seniors

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Dogs make great companions for almost anyone – they make us feel safe, loved, and happy! It has been shown that they also aid with senior citizens who may be feeling lonely or bored. Having a dog not only gives you some responsibility, but also gets you up and moving!

Which breeds are best for seniors, though? Here’s what we found…

1. Bichon Frise

Bichons are not only adorable, but they also make great companions. They are easy to take care of as well, weighing typically 7-12 pounds, and they only need moderate levels of exercise.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This small breed loves affection and snuggling! They are on average a little larger than a Bichon Frise, but also require moderate activity to keep them happy & healthy!

3. Corgi

A medium-small sized dog, the Corgi is a great companion and easy to handle. Daily walks will keep them happy & healthy, and gives you some exercise, too!

4. Maltese

Another lap-dog breed that will love you unconditionally! They are small and easy to handle & train, and short walks will keep them happy!

5. Greyhound

Even though these “racing” dogs may seem like a lot to handle, they are typically pretty relaxed! They require moderate exercise but they will be content with hanging with you on the sofa!

6. French Bulldog

Considered one of the happiest dog breeds, the French Bulldog will be loyal to you and keep you entertained. They require moderate daily activity, but typically tire easily!

7. Poodle

One of the smartest and most popular dog breeds – Poodles make great companions, and they come in all sizes! They are very loyal and easy to train, requiring moderate exercise.

8. Shih Tzu

Another easy to handle small dog, typically easy to train as well, requiring daily walks. They love to be by your side & make great companions.

9. Pomeranian

A tiny dog with a fun & loving personality! They love companionship and require only moderate exercise. You will typically find them on your lap or by your side!

10. Yorkshire Terrier

Another small breed that loves to be by your side! They require little exercise, but they love to play with toys – keeping you entertained and will always be found snuggling!

So… where does that leave the JRT?

JRTs are extremely active which may be a good thing not only for your own health & exercise, but also to get out of the house! A JRT may not be the most recommended dog for seniors, but they are extremely loyal and loving and would be a great pet for anyone!

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