Top 5 Characteristics of JRT Owners

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It takes a special kind of person to be the owner of a Jack Russell, but I think we all can agree on some common traits! Here are our top five characteristics that make JRT owners special.

5. Giving

Being giving or generous is a common characteristic of JRT owners, and it shows! These independent, strong willed dogs require an owner that is willing to be giving and not receive much in return – except for unconditional love, of course!

4. Patient

Having patience with a dog like a JRT is a serious requirement! They are known to get into things they shouldn’t, dig, destroy, bark, and more. This is why they need an owner who is patient and willing to guide their dog in the right direction.

3. Adventurous

Born to hunt, JRTs have a hard time giving up a chase or adventure when they find one, and owners must be able to keep up! Being adventurous alongside your dog can offers a unique way to bond with your dog while playing. Owners of JRTs are typically just as fun spirited as their pups!

2. Active

Just like being adventurous, being active is a common trait in JRTs and owners alike! These dogs are energetic and need to be keep busy and active to prevent boredom (and destruction!), which is why being active is a common characteristic among owners.

1. Fun

JRTs are full of personality, just like humans, which is what makes them such fun dogs! Owners of JRTs are often just as fun as their dogs – willing to drop what their doing to focus on the next adventure!

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