Top 5 Dog Breeds For Families With Kids

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If you have a family with kids – big or small – and you’re considering getting a dog, this one is for you! Here are the top 5 dog breeds for families with kids. 

1. Labrador Retriever 

The Lab has remained the most popular dog breed for years now. They love kids, humans, and other pets. They are friendly and sweet, and they are extremely active which makes them great for a family with kids!

2. Bulldog

If you and your family are used to a more laid back way of life, a bulldog may be just right for you. They are much less active than a dog like a Lab, other than regular walks. They are chill and love to sleep, however, they are prone to over heating easily if you live in a warm climate.

3. Golden Retriever

Like the Labrador Retriever, these dogs have a reputation for being friendly and loving, and they are great with kids. They require a lot of activity, which can be great for kids as well. 

4. Beagle

Beagles are pack dogs, which means they love being around others and don’t like to be alone much. They are friendly and lovable, which makes them great for kids. They are known to be daring if they catch a scent they want to follow, so they do need supervision, which can also be a great learning tool for kids. 

5. Pug

Like the bulldog, pugs are a laid back breed who love to eat and sleep. You do have to pay attention to their diets and activity so they don’t get over weight. They do love playing with kids, but will also enjoy staying in and cuddling! 

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