Our Top Rated and Most Viewed Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Photos

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Jack Russell Terrier Puppies are always so fun to look at.  They are upbeat, lively, inquisitive, friendly and most importantly, CUTE!  Take a look at these top rated puppy pictures submitted by our viewers.  Is your pooch in this mix?  These baby pictures are sure to make you smile and say “Awe.”


“Look at my chompers!”

“I am brand new to this world”


“I just woke up from my nap”


“I chew on many things to keep my teeth busy”


“Did you just say it was time for a treat?”


“Got to stop and scratch.”




As pretty and sweet as a flower.



A cute little freckled belly to kiss.



Always on an adventure.



“Sometimes I get chilly”



A Future Big Shot.



“Let’s just look at each other.”



“Could you ever say no to these eyes?”





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