Top Five Most Energetic Dog Breeds

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Anyone who knows or owns a JRT knows they are full of energy, but how do they rank compared to other breeds when it comes to their activity? Here are the top five most energetic dog breeds!

5. Jack Russell Terrier

Hunting, chasing, and digging are all in any JRTs typical agenda. They were bred to be hunters and any owner knows they are quick and once they set their mind to something its hard to stop them.

4. Labrador Retriever

Labs are known for their loving demeanor, but they also are known to not stop once you start throwing a ball! These fun dogs could play all day if you let them, and they love to chase anything.

3. Siberian Husky

Independent and energetic are the best words to describe a Siberian Husky. They were bred to be mostly sled pullers, and are used to long hours of activity and running!

2. Border Collie

Collies were primarily bred to herd sheep, are highly intelligent, and extremely full of energy! They are used running significant amounts while herding, and can continue for hours.

1. Australian Shepherd

Similar to the Border Collie, Australian Shepherds were bred to herd cattle. They are also very intelligent and will be by your side during everything they possibly can. They love long runs, playing, doing tricks, and do not tire easily!

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