Top Jack Russell SMILES Submitted By Viewers

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A smile is contagious.  Especially if it belongs to one of these cute Jack Russell Terriers.  They always light up our lives with their energetic disposition and eagerness to please.  Take a look at all the different smiles shared by you fellow JRT lovers!


“You’ve been gone for 10 whole minutes.  I’m so happy to see you.”

“I am learning that when I smile like this, I get things I want.”


“My name will make you smile – it’s Beef Wellington.”


Smiley face and smiley eyes….good night little one.


“I’m ticklish….”


“I love a good joke” – Shayna age 5


A big smile to go with beautiful ears.


“I’m very happy that it’s FRIDAY.”


“If you think this is scary, you should hear my bark!”


A wink and a smile from Pebbles.


Here is Boots from down under.


Reggie loves to smile any chance he gets.


When Lulu feels pretty, she smiles.


Chloe is a happy girl.


Zosia from Poland is always this happy.


Shamus knows a smile will usually get him a treat.


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