Top Rated Places Your JRT Finds Comfort.

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In Your Lap

Ever ask yourself, “Why is this dog sitting on me when there is a comfy spot right next to me?” Is it just funny or could there be some real motivation behind your dog sitting or lying on you? The truth is, some dogs just lay on you for fun, while others have a driving force leading this behavior. Here are a few reasons why:

1.  They are spreading their scent – Some dogs will sit in “your spot” on the sofa or even roll around all over your sofa as a way to spread their scent and show that you belong to them. When they don’t feel that is enough, they move to sitting on you.

2.  JRT’s are trying to bond and even protect. – Have you ever felt your JRT plop right along side you or on you?  They want you to know that you are theirs and they are asserting their dominance.

3.  They just want to cuddle.- After a long day at work or a stressful event, many JRT parents enjoy the comfort of having a dog in their lap or in their arms. Dogs and humans can spend quality time bonding when they’re sharing space on the sofa. So rather than encourage your dog to lay next to you or on the floor, embrace the cuddle and enjoy your time together.

In Your Bed

JRT’s enjoy getting into bed with their owners for the cuddles and petting. It is something that they truly enjoy and thus petting your dog after he gets into the bed with you is rewarding to him and conditions him to want to repeat the behavior. Short-haired dogs might have ulterior motives for hopping onto the bed at night – not just for the cuddles but also for some warmth, especially during the colder seasons.r/why-do-dogs-want-to-get-in-bed

On Top Of The Couch

Does your JRT like to climb to the top of your couch like a mountain goat?  They simply love how it feels and they know it is rewarding especially if they get close to you.  Most dogs love to be around their owners because they are loyal companions and want to follow and protect their pack leader.  They want to be where YOU are.  The couch seems to be a very popular place for JRT’s to take comfort./why-do-dogs-climb-on-furniture

Within A Soft Blanket

While dogs really do seem to enjoy a nice soft place to sleep, could there be another reason a JRT enjoys sleeping with a blanket or pillow, besides the fact that it’s warm or soft?  Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. So, when they curl up with one of your blankets, they might actually also like that it has your scent on it.  Sometimes blankets can help a puppy with separation anxiety. Dog breeders suggest that dog owners let the puppy sleep with a blanket or shirt that the owner had used the previous day to see if the scent helped calm the puppy.   Another reason dogs find comfort in soft blankets has to do with their paws. Some sources say a dog’s paws can tell the temperature. So, if they are sleeping on a hard, cold surface, that can’t feel good! It’s also hard on a pooch’s joints and body to always sleep on a cold cement floor. So, it is good to offer a nice comfortable place for your JRT to sleep. /do-dogs-soft-blankets

In Their Own Bed or Crate

Though many people think dogs can curl up and sleep most anywhere, your JRT really shouldn’t be sleeping on the floor. The truth is, dogs need beds just like we do.  It gives them a place of their own. Just like puppies feel safe and at home in their cages, a dog be is a place where adult dogs can be the master of their domain. The rest of the house belongs to the people in it, and a dog can often feel like a second-class citizen. If he has a bed, though, it gives him a place he can retreat to when he needs time by himself.

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