Top Tips From Our Experienced JRT Owners

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With almost 200,000 Jack Russell Terrier owners in one place, we know a thing or two about these amazing creatures. Any time we introduce a puppy to the page, we get so many great pieces of valuable information that we have decided to chose some of the best nuggets and share them. Here you go:

“JRTs are very clever. Definitely be persistent with training. At times you will be challenged. They are smart ,so lovable, affectionate, great companion. He will be your best friend ❤️ “

Chester – 9 weeks

“JRT’s are one of the smartest dogs out there, so they like to rule the roost. Start training early and be very consistent. Make sure you give them time each day to be active. Walks and fetch are really good for them. If you are able to do an agility course, they do exceptionally well. Also if you have access to a pool, they love water. If you give them the outlet to burn the energy, they can be incredible lap dogs as well. All three of mine love to cuddle. They love to dig and jump, so you need to make sure your fence is secure. Most of all, just enjoy  them!”

Marie’s three cuddle buddies.

Cisco will be 17 in March. His first 2 years he was a holy terror. We had a doggie door & everything that was inside went outside (shoes, clothing, etc). Everything that was outside came inside (small trees, branches, pine cones, etc) He would run by when my husband was working on something & grab his screw driver & run underneath the shed with it. He chewed one corner off of every dining room chair. They are EXTREMELY smart. He was totally housebroken at 9 weeks old. He thinks he’s the boss of the house & if he doesn’t get his way he will let you know about it. Patience, training are KEY!!! It makes me sad to think that one day we’ll be without him. I WOULDN”T TRADE HIM FOR THE WORLD!!!!”

Sweet Cisco

“Make every opportunity a teaching one! Be patient, give them lots of stuff to chew on, and lavish on the love!

Smidge’s first snow.

” Make sure you invest in a dog crate. Making that his safe space right now will save you lots of grief about alternative “toys,” My Lily has trashed 4 sofas, a bed, 3 mobile phones and countless pens. I wish I’d crate trained her sooner!!!!”

Lily – a sleeping “angel”.

They are very energetic and so loving. This breed of dogs will keep you busy, so be patient with them. In the end they will obey and love you.

Sweet little Tex.

Make sure you do your research! They are active, clever dogs that need both physical and mental exercise. Make sure all fencing is secure…they sometimes dig their way out.” 

Japser – 14 years old.

“Socializing is very important with these guys with both humans and other animals…..lots of walks ..lots of play…lots of love.”

Adorable and lovely – Ella

I recommend an basic obedience class, it will start you off on the right foot and make his little brain work. Also lots of toys to keep him busy. Jack Russells like having a job to do. With mine I also did agility once a week with him. It was fun for both of us and he got to run and burned off his energy. “

Willow is wanting something…..

“You are in for a wild ride…..hold on tight and become Alpha before he does.” 🤣🤣🤣

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