TV and Movie Jacks You’ll Love!

a Jack Russell Terrier

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Collies have Lassie to look up to. German Shepherds have Rin Tin Tin. So which doggy heroes do our Jacks have to admire?

Let’s find out.


If you’re a ’90s kid, or even if you’re not, you have to remember Wishbone. Wishbone was the star of a TV series on PBS that went on to spawn a few book series and even a video game as well.

Wishbone, “the little dog with a big imagination,” is a JRT who lives in Texas, and dreams about being the lead character in different stories from classic literature. The show, which brought the classics to kids in a friendly, dog’s-point-of-view way, won four Daytime Emmy awards, a Peabody award, and a great big “Good Boy” from the Television Critics Association.


Grownups may remember Eddie. Eddie was a Jack Russell Terrier that routinely stole the show from the human actors in the TV sitcom Frasier.

Eddie was played by a dog named Moose. Moose only had six months of training prior to winning the role that would make him famous. His signature trick was pinning the show’s star, Kelsey Grammer, with a thousand-yard stare.

Check it out.

Moose’s original owners gave him up because he was too rambunctious. He did all the naughty dog things: cat-chasing, digging, chewing up everything in sight… It’s not an uncommon past for a lot of movie-dogs. Regular life can’t hold them! So it was on to Show Biz, where Moose became a star almost overnight.

In his role as Eddie, Moose would go on to receive more fan mail than any other TV canine!


In the 2011 film The Artist, a Jack Russell Terrier named Uggie plays a dog named Jack. And Jack is a hero, saving his owner’s life in the film, when his owner has fallen on hard times.

In many people’s opinion, Uggie’s performance stole the show. In fact, he won the Palm Dog Award for Best Performance by a Canine at the Cannes Film Festival. He was even nominated for an Oscar!

Here are some of the scenes that Made Uggie famous.

Uggie had a rough start. He was turned in to animal shelters not just once, but twice, for being “too wild.” It looked like the end for Uggie, until dog trainer Omar von Mueller decided to foster him. It was a foster fail! And Uggie went on to become a famous movie dog.


It’s hard to upstage Jim Carrey, but Milo the Jack Russell Terrier gave Carrey a run for his money in the film Mask. In Mask, Milo plays the faithful doggy sidekick to Carrey’s hapless hero Stanley Ipkiss.

In this film, lovable schmuck Ipkiss finds a cursed mask. It changes his life — for the bigger, but not for the better. All the while, Milo looks on as his friend changes from a nice, if hopeless guy, to someone who is decidedly not-so-nice.

Here’s Milo being a hero…but also a typical, play-focused JRT!

Does Your Jack Have Star Quality?

We all know that Jacks are energetic, clever, and play-driven. And if they don’t find an outlet for these natural characteristics, they may develop a nose for trouble.

But these same characteristics — along with their natural cuteness and charm — make them a great choice for entertainment.

Do you think your dog has what it takes to be in the movies, on TV or in commercials? Well, first make sure they have some basic obedience training. A bit of advanced training, like agility, can’t hurt either.

Finally, check out an animal talent agency, like All Animal Actors. Who knows? We might be seeing your pup in the movies!

Featured Image CC0 by Meli 1670, via Pixabay

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