What Does Your Choice Of Dog Breed Say About You?

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Have you ever wondered if the breed of your dog means anything about the kind of personality you have? Here are 6 of the most popular dog breeds, and what they say about you as an owner!

German Shepard

German Shepard owners characteristics strongly reflect the characteristics of that breed: being strong, loyal, focused, and a natural leader. These owners are not afraid to take charge or help out a friend in need, and people typically are very loyal to you in return!


Poodle owners are often much like their dogs, being mature, well-mannered, and intelligent. They are typically not social butterflies, but do enjoy getting out on the town. They enjoy culture and what it has to ofter and would often rather see a play or movie than go to a party!

Jack Russell Terrier

It takes a special kind of person to be a JRT owner – someone who loves to exercise and compete, take on new challenges, and maybe be a little stubborn once in a while! They are independent and strong-willed, but do enjoy being around others. You can find a JRT owner typically playing a game or taking a dive in the pool at a party!

Shih Tzu


Shih Tzu owners are a outgoing, social individuals who love to be around others and have fun! They are always trying new places and finding new friends wherever they go, and would typically be described as the “life of the party!”


Labrador owners, much like their dogs, are usually even-tempered, gentle and kind. They are also are very loyal and trusting, and love to be around other people! Labrador people are usually the ones you would find on the dance floor at a party!


If you own a Boxer, you are likely to be a  confident, happy, easy-going person! Boxer owners also love going out and being around other people, and most people love to be around them, too! You can find a Boxer owner typically socializing wherever they go.

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