Kennel Vs. Pet Sitter: What’s Better For My Dog?

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If you are planning a trip, or are leaving town for work purposes and cannot bring your pets, you may want to consider hiring a pet sitter or looking into kennels. Neither one is particularly better than the other, it is just your preference and it also depends on your dogs personality and wether or not they would be better staying home or with other dogs.

What’s The Difference?

Kennels are almost like hotels for your dog, where they will stay with many other dogs for a few days while you’re out of town. Pet sitters typically come to your home and either stay for the duration of the time you’re gone or they come and check on your pet at set times.

Why Pet Sitters?

If you have an older dog who doesn’t love socializing with other dogs, or you have many pets that won’t be bored if they are left alone for long periods of time – then you may want to consider finding a sitter rather than using a kennel. Keeping your dog in their own comfortable surroundings can also keep your mind at ease.

Why Kennels?

If you have a young dog who is extremely active, or if you have a dog who has separation issues and may get destructive – using a kennel could be a better option for you. They will get constant attention, lots of socialization, and plenty of play time which should keep them occupied and happy while you are away!

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