Why Do My JRTs Ears Do That?

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Have you noticed that your JRTs ears have been sticking straight up? Do they sometimes change from sticking up to being floppy again?

Most JRT owners find that their dogs ears either stick up, lay down, or some combination of the two!

What does this mean?

When your JRTs ears stick up it is referred to as “prick ears.” This is typically a permanent condition, but it doesn’t affect your dogs’ health in anyway.

Dogs’ ears most often change positions when they are teething, or around 3 to 7 months old. Every dog is different, but after teething a JRTs ears will typically return to how they were before they began the process.

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Can it be fixed?

Some breeders will use glue or other adhesive materials to “correct” their dogs ears, but it can cause the dog unnecessary pain and permanent damage.

Changing such a small thing about them is unnecessary and plus it is what makes them unique (and oh so adorable)!!

What does YOUR JRT’s ears look like?

Do your JRTs ears flop, point, or both!? Let us know in the comments below!

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