Why Does My Dog Like To Be Carried?

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Will your dog look at you with that “hold me” look? Some will try to jump right into your arms! Do they sometimes stop mid-walk and not budge? They may not want to finish their walks and want you to carry them, here’s a few reasons why.

We always want to give our dogs exactly what they want, whenever they want. Some dogs like to be cuddled and held all the time. It is good when you hold them and give them the affection they want. Small and large dogs want to be held like babies! Even if they seem to be too big to hold… just hold them anyways.

Your kids might get too old for a hug but never your dog! They always want love and kisses! They want to go everywhere with you because they don’t want to miss you. Your dog wants to be included in your life and experience the things you do. They are relaxed when you are holding them. They do not feel the need to worry and bark.

Your dog might want you to hold them when there are other dogs around because they are letting them know who their owner is. They might also want to make your other dogs jealous, maybe after you were just petting another one.

Sometimes they get frightened of other dogs or sounds and they feel protected by you. They want you to comfort them in a scary time. If you are gone during the day they probably missed you and are excited to see you!

You should only hold your dog if they want to be held. Sometimes if you hold them and they don’t want it, they can get scared of you and maybe get a little mad. You should not make the do something they don’t like to do.

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