Why Is My Dog Always By My Feet?

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Do you ever wonder why your beloved dog is always right there no matter what you are doing? There is some explanation to it besides that they just love you!


The main reason as to why dogs always stay by your feet is because of their “pack” instinct. Dogs that live in the wild sleep together to protect themselves and to stay warm. They sleep at your feet because they see you as their leader. Also when they are puppies, their instinct is to sleep by the tail of the mother, so they don’t get crushed when she rolls over and tries to get up. Puppies also sleep very close together to keep warm. There are also other reasons to explain why they lay at your feet such as, needing reassurance or to let you know they are frightened. It can also show that they are protecting you or if they have separation anxiety. If there are with other dogs with you, they would stand at your feet to show them they are marking their territory to the other dogs. This is a good thing and you should not be worried by this behavior. It is a natural instinct for them to do these types of things.


Laying at your feet is not necessary a bad thing, just sometimes considered a bad habit. But if you do not feel it is good behavior you can stop this, you shouldn’t pet your dog when they are laying at your feet. Don’t give them attention when they act this way.  Train them by making them sit farther away by throwing a treat a little bit away and then teach them to lie in that area. You should reward them once they repeat these directions. Consistency is very important when it comes to training dogs. You shouldn’t give up easily with them.

Your dog could also be laying at your feet because they might be cold or frightened by something like a storm or other pets. If it is one of those things you could comfort them with love and letting them know they are okay. If they are cold you should give them something warm to lay on. You’re dog depends on you to meet their needs, and get love and care from you. When you meet their needs, you are reassuring them of their stage in the life.


A dog that is laying by your feet is just an instinct and could be just a protective mode for them. Unless it bothers you, there is nothing wrong with it. You should try some of the training methods if their behavior is still too much. If not, you should just let them do it. Your dog would appreciate all the love they could get.


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