Five Grooming Supplies You Need For A New Dog

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Considering adding a new JRT to your family? You’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary supplies to keep them properly groomed. Here are five of the most important grooming supplies to keep your dog looking and feeling fresh!


The brush or comb you choose should be a fit with your JRTs hair type. Ask your vet for recommendations as well.

Nail Trimmers

Trimming your JRTs nails may be a source of anxiety for you, but it can be an easy task with the right knowledge and tools! Find the right trimmers for you and your JRT at a local pet supply store.

Dog Shampoos

Check with your vet for their recommendations on what shampoo to use for your dog. You can purchase it at any pet supply store, and just as a brush or comb, be sure you get something that is compatible with your dogs hair type.

Ear Cleaner

Proper ear car for your dog is just as important as any other type of grooming, but is often over looked. Ask your vet for proper techniques and what to use for your JRT in particular.


Having a toothbrush and dog friendly toothpaste is also essential. Kids toothbrushes work well for small dogs, like JRTs. Ones specifically made for dogs, as well as the toothpaste can be found at local pet stores.

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